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Saddle Repair

We strive to give our customers the best quality service and repair on all saddles and tack for the safety of the riders and the horse. All repairs are completed back to original condition!! Check out our google reviews or give us a call.

Saddle Repair Price List

Saddle Repair Pricelist (08-06-23)
- Shop Rate is $55 an hour
- All saddles that come in for repair will be inspected for worn or weak           areas
- Repairs and replacements will be done on both sides of saddle
- Prices exclude any taxes or shipping
- Saddles that are not picked up within 90 days of completion will be sold



 - Replace Sheepskin w/ Synthetic backing fleece on skirts-275.00

- Replace Sheepskin includes replacing skirt plugs-$350.00
- Replace Skirts with new Sheepskin and Plugs-$620.00
- Rebraid Skirts with Kangaroo Lace-$65.00



- Recover Horn Without Taking Swell Cover Off -$145.00

- Recover Horn Taking Swell Cover Off (Minimum of $250, price can go up     depending on ease of taking swell cover off)

- Recover Horn with Cap and Wrap-$140.00

- Re-Stitch Horn $55 and up

- Wrap Horn with mule hide, elk, latigo, or chrome elk horn wrap-$45.00



- Plain Saddler Fender-$150.00

- Twist and Wrap-$125.00

- Replace Rivets or Lacing-$25.00


Stirrup Leathers

- 2 ½” Half Length Stirrup Leather-$130.00

- 2 ½” Full Length Stirrup Leather-$155.00

- 3” Half Length Stirrup Leather-$145.00

- 3” Full Length Stirrup Leather-$175.00

- New Blevins Buckles-$45 per pair


Cantle Binding

- Replace Cheyenne Roll Style Cantle Binding-$230.00

- Replace Standard Cantle Binding-$200.00

- Re-stitch Cantle Binding-$125.00


Rear Jockey

-· Replace Plain Rear Jockey-$235.00



- Replace Front Dee Rigging Attached to Tree-$260.00

- Replace Rear Dee Rigging Attached to Tree-$210.00

- Replace In-Skirt Rigging-$180 and up


Other Repairs

- Saddle inspection, cleaning, and oiling $90-180

- Replace tree $1350 and up, plus the cost of tree

- Restring saddle with waxed treated saddle strings-$25 per string (if               strings go through tree additional charged of shop rate time will be               added)

- New swell cover $290 and up 

- New Rope Strap $45 for buckle style (replace both buckle strap and strap)

White Horse

Contact for any other repairs not listed 919-670-5876

117 S Market St. 

Benson N.C. 27504

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